Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Good Riddance to more Union Rubbish

Three more snotty reporters have been fired by the Santa Barbara News-Press. They thought they were immune after an overpass demonstration.

Predictably, a Teamster spokesman calls it "a blatant bare knuckled attack" and confirming that an unfair labor practice charge is being filed today with the National Labor Relations Board. yada yada yada

The comments at the story are insightful. Of course, there is the predictable, it's "terror tactics." Many urge a boycott of advertisers.
Everyone knows it's not subscribers that support a paper. Their fees barely pay for the delivery. It's the advertisers. Any advertisers who support this kind of behavior should be boycotted.
Which is why readers can complain all they want about a newspaper and it does them absolutely no good.

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