Monday, February 26, 2007

Cheap Political Theatre

Virginia apologized for slavery. It was a political performance worthy of what we expect from the French Party, formerly known as the Democrat Party.

Just as the Academy Awards focus more on the international nature of films, echoing the Cannes film festival as a Green Message Machine and endorsement of innane acting and self-congratulatory ego fest for films no one cares about, the French Party is enamored of their role of echoing French anti-American sentiments. Hence the apology for slavery.

The U.S. has already apologized for slavery with more than just meaningless and devisive grandstanding. There was rarely an American family who did not have a family member fighting on either side of the Civil War.

Read the casualty rates at the 10 costliest battles of the Civil War. Those aren't apologies? Look at the regimental losses, the human suffering, the debilitating injuries, the maiming and amputations, the disfigurements. Hardly an American family was spared. Those aren't affirmations of the need to abolish slavery and atone? 412,175 dead aren't apologies enough?

Obviously not to the French Party. Of course, the French never apologized for Vichy France, the Nazi collaborationists, but the French Party, like the French, are indifferent to reality, or decency, or honesty. Intellectual Elitism is a unique European disease that has led to two World Wars. And it has infected the French Party who are determined to facilitate a third one.

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