Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gerald Ford, RIP

I missed Gerald Ford's funeral. But, then, I missed his entire presidency. Leaving the snarky obituary to Christopher Hitchens, my complaint about Gerald Ford is that even in the timing of his death he did absolutely nothing for the Republican party. He's a man who was nearly assassinated three times and, amazingly, evoked no sympathy whatsoever. He was a staple entertainment on Saturday Night Live and he more or less let that define his presidency. He avoided public controversy after his presidency, unlike Jimmy Carter, but, then, Ford was the only president who wasn't elected. But what I really resented in the man was that he represented the "A minority FOREVER!" faction of the party, happy I guess just to be employed and have great benefits.

He may have been liked by his colleagues. I don't know, but it is said that Ronald Reagan never invited him to a single White House function. I trust Reagan had his reasons.

Another reason I didn't like Ford.
And yet another reason. Doubled.

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