Sunday, April 02, 2006

European Terrorism

On the surface it looks as if the Dutch are finally beginning to realize their danger from an unassimilated immigrant population and their danger from terrorism. The Dutch intelligence service AIVD is not optomistic in this report by Netherlands Radio.

The problem is, of course, that having posted the article and interviewed AIVD chief Sybrand van Hulst, that will be the end of the media recognition of the problem. European media, like our MSM, are committed to multiculturalism, that university-inspired abandonment of assimilation to form a cohesive society, the fragmentation of which is a beloved goal of the Left and of Internationalists who see the decline of the nation state as an opportunity for them to gain power. Unopposed.

The idea of a European Union modeled after the French economy and socialist utopian dreams has always been less about economic opportunity than destablization of the existing nation states. Ultimately it will lead to dependence upon impotent international organizations like the United Nations. It's the same dependence that has left Africa a victim of countless, endless wars, tribal animosity, and unending conflict.

It's the same future a lot of people are beginning to see for Europe.

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