Monday, July 16, 2007

What's the Press Coming to?

The former president of the Dallas Press Club is being sued, accused of rigging several prestigious journalism competitions. Elizabeth Albanese denies the accusations She was president of the Press Club August 2005 until March 2007.

The lawsuit was filed by the press club and the Press Club of Dallas Foundation.
At the center of the case is the question of whether Albanese rigged the Katie Awards, a contest for journalists and communications professionals in Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Albanese won 10 Katie Awards from 2003-06, which is also the period in which she was active in organizing the competition. Earlier this year, press club members learned that Albanese couldn't name any of the judges involved from 2004-06. The club's leaders have concluded that no one judged them.
And then there is those other things to explain.
Albanese has been arrested in Texas and Virginia on charges of passing bad checks and in Maryland for fraud, theft and forgery, according to records obtained by The Associated Press.

Press club members say she has claimed to be teenage graduate of the University of Texas, a Harvard Law School graduate and a former New York Times reporter. The Associated Press was unable to verify those claims.
Albanese was once described as "one of the most most honored journalists in North Texas." She even invented a rich husband who declared bankruptcy in 2003.

She had criminal records in three states. Sounds like she found just the right career.

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FINALLY - Nov 30 - The Press Club of Dallas has dropped their lawsuit.
The Press Club decided to drop the lawsuit after concluding that it was a waste of money at a time when the club was trying to rebuild its reputation and fund scholarships.
They still want the awards back though. (As if they mean anything.)

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