Saturday, May 05, 2007

The the head of the state's Republican party likened to "Doctor Kevorkian teaching health maintenance." when he heard that ex-N.J. Governor Jim McGreevey has started teaching courses at a New Jersey university on ethics and leadership. McGreevey has become an Episcopalian and enrolled in a "discernment" program to help prospective candidates for the priesthood decide if it is their true calling.

The State Senate President and fellow Democrat was equally dismissive. "You need to get out of the newspaper, simple as that," he said. "For his kid's sake, his former wife's sake. Enough's enough. Let him get on with his life, let him find happiness, but outside of the press area."

McGreevey was officially received into the Episcopal religion on Sunday. McGreevey also has been accepted to study this fall at the General Theological Seminary in New York, the oldest of the Episcopal church.

Meanwhile, remember how his wife stood behind him? No more. The divorce is truly ugly. She is hitting the talk show circuit with her new book. A judge scolded both of them. When his wife heard about his seminary plans, she called it "the most absurd thing I've ever heard.

McGreevey is likely to raise the goalposts in the future. He's a man who tramples to death old women to race to a camera and a live microphone. Jesse Jackson wouldn't stand in his path. McGreevey's shameless, which is why he probably fits in well in New Jersey politics. It's a landfill full of corrupt politicians, rigged elections, dishonesty and organized crime.

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