Monday, April 09, 2007

Nancy Pelosi - Poliskirt

Thought: We don't have a federal government anymore; we have a Republican government or a Democrat one.

Increasingly, however, the Democrats who spend more time out of the White House than in, think it doesn't matter what the electorate says. Who voted for Nancy Pelosi to conduct our foreign policy?

It sounds like a dumb move, and having watched Pelosi for years and coming from a state that elected the woman, it is dumb. But also marginal politics. Pelosi is as American as San Francisco. At a guess, Nancy was trying to assure foreign leaders that they can feel free to contribute to Democrats for the 2008 election. Democrats can be counted upon to conduct a foreign policy much different than the current White House.

It's an excellent tactic to encourage campaign donations, but it also undermines our government's authority. Don't want to negotiate? Wait a year or so and maybe you won't have to release prisoners, refrain from conducting nuclear tests, reform your own government because of international pressure, cooperate in a UN investigation into the assassination of a Lebanese politician. If you just contribute enough, all your worries will disappear.

As the most public face of the Democrat party, Pelosi is a poliskirt. From my own Lexicon of Politics:

What, I wondered, do you call a political party who hides behind women elected for the reason that other men are generally too polite to treat them as badly as they deserve? Democraducks. (In the case of Canada, they are Libducks.)

The women they hide behind are Poliskirts, a reference not to their attire but the skirts the Democraducks hide behind.

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