Saturday, October 01, 2005


Arianna Huffington isn't buying the Judith Miller-New York Times story of her victimhood.
How deep is the Times' contempt for its readers that it really thinks they'll buy the 'Oh, Judy finally has the right waiver' line?"
Time will tell what the real story is, but strong bets say it won't be the current New York Times version.

Every time a Leftie like Arianna writes on Miller, they refer to Miller's WMD articles written before the war. In this context, they cite her lack of credibility and not their gullibility. I suspect that Miller wrote the articles in the first place to drum up emotional overload of the Left to inspire their opposition the invasion. Now the Left disavows the claims of WMD, but it was damned convenient when they wanted to warn of the dangers of invading Iraq. Apparently, the Left wants it both ways.

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